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Why You Should Love ‘Saturated Markets’ & Dive Right In

Don’t run away from mature markets where buyers can be found in droves. Get in there and make money now! What You Will Learn:...
Rob Palmer
3 min read

10 Compelling Reasons to Ditch Google and Switch to Facebook Ads

Find your ideal customers quickly and easily and improve your advertising ROI practically overnight. Get more bang for your buck. Get a Higher Return...
Rob Palmer
6 min read

Borrow the Money-Making Secrets of Political Fundraisers

Pimp up your ads by implementing these proven, battle-tested strategies that have raised billions of dollars over many decades. Learn from the Masters and...
Rob Palmer
4 min read

Why My Apple Campaign was TOO Successful (The Power of A/B Testing!)

How my direct-response campaign made so many sales that it upset a lot of people and had to be closed down...fast! A Bite of the...
Rob Palmer
5 min read

How to Deploy the ‘Pyramid of Promises’ to Maximize Trust and Sales

Discover a simple yet powerful marketing funnel strategy that will increase your success rates and turn customers into raving fans. The Easy Way to...
Rob Palmer
4 min read

Copywriter 101: Killer Copywriting Strategies that Make More Sales

Discover how deploying copywriting skills can explode your sales and transform your business practically overnight. The X FactorIf you don’t understand what copywriting is,...
Rob Palmer
8 min read