Deploy a Secret Weapon

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Need to explode  your profits?  I'm ready to detonate a bomb under your sales...

Get Customers on Demand, Scale at Will

When your online marketing campaigns are struggling, your money disappears quickly. Facebook, Google and other ad networks will gobble up your credit cards, regardless of whether you make any sales or not.

When all you hear​ on your checkout page is crickets...

If you’re spending a fortune on campaigns but hearing only crickets on your checkout page, you need expert help. But not some fresh-out-of-college kid who doesn’t know a ‘call to action’ from Mom’s call for dinner.

You need a 30-year battle-tested veteran who has ridden the marketing roller coaster for decades. And more importantly, lived to fight another day.

That’s me.

I'm ready to transform your marketing funnels

In my three-decade career, my copy has delivered over a billion dollars in sales for enterprise companies like Apple, IBM & Microsoft - as well as for online entrepreneurs around the world. I still love what I do, and I'm always looking for new challenges. So if you want to get more sales, faster, we need to talk.

​Copy that Converts

The foundation of any successful marketing campaign is copy that converts. And that’s true whether you are using written copy, audio, video - or any combination. So to create a campaign that converts, you need a copywriter who understands the power of persuasion.

Technology is evolving rapidly, but human beings are the same as ever. The ‘reasons why’ we make our decisions have changed little over the millennia. I have spent a career learning and applying the secrets of persuasion and conversion. That’s why I  guarantee to: 

  • Engage with the conversation going on in your prospects' heads
  • Identify their fears and frustrations, needs and desires
  • Write compelling, persuasive copy that advances the sale
  • Create sales funnels that convert prospects into buyers
  • Maximize conversions and lifetime customer value

Battle-Tested Strategies

I believe in squeezing every last ounce out of each potential sale. That’s why I’ve developed my own proprietary conversion strategies, including:

  • The ‘10X’ rule of value 
  • The ‘Hidden Obstacle’ identifier (save the sale!)
  • The ‘Golden Buddha’ approach (what’s the real story?)34
  • The ‘Pyramid of Promises’ (don’t let people down!)
  • The ‘Thief of Sales’ issue, and how to fix it

The 'Golden Buddha' approach is based on an amazing true story

When you combine these powerful strategies with proven copywriting and conversion techniques, you get a money-making machine that delivers sales on autopilot. 

Forget the Pain, Feel the Pleasure

That means you can forget about all the pain your failed campaigns are causing you. No more:

  • Burning through your marketing budget with little to show for it 
  • Weeks of effort wasted on projects that don’t convert
  • Frustration at all the missed opportunities and poor results
  • Watching your competitors steal your customers (and yo 
  • Wondering if you can make payroll at the end of the month

Instead, you can turn things around and put fresh life into your business. Just think how good you will feel when: 

  • Your inbox is full of ‘you made a sale’ notifications
  • Your phones are ringing off the hook with new orders
  • Cash is coming in much faster than the bills
  • You’re on track to double, triple or 10X your profits
  • You can get customers on demand, and scale at will

Deploy Your Secret Weapon

To win in today’s highly-competitive markets, you need an unfair advantage over your competitors. That’s where I come in. One of my biggest clients (Belron) calls me their ‘secret weapon’ - always able to deliver extraordinary results when they are needed.

Now you can deploy this secret weapon, too. I can deliver a high return on ad spend for all of marketing campaigns including:

  • Sales pages and VSLs that outperform your best 
  • Ad copy that generates high CTR and engagement
  • Sales funnels that convert prospects into rabid buyers
  • Email sequences with high open rates and clicks
  • Lead generation systems that fill your sales pipelines 

...and a whole lot more. To get started, all you need to is book a 30-minute strategy call to talk things through. Then we can get started on transforming your business and your future.

It's time to 'go nuclear' and 10X​​​​​ your sales.

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Remember, every second you delay means more money slipping through your fingers. Your strategy call doesn’t cost a cent, yet it could change your business...and your life.

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