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Read on to find out why a global corporation calls me their 'secret weapon,' and how this means more money in the bank for you...

We live in amazing times! Thanks to the Internet, you can sell your products or services to the entire planet. That's extraordinary - but the opportunity comes with a caveat.

Online marketing has opened up a whole new era of competition, too. Now you have to compete not just with local sellers, but against super-smart marketers around the globe.

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To succeed, you need a sales process that competes with the best in the business. There's no room for 'also-ran's. The future of your business depends on sales funnels that create maximum revenue.

That's where I can help. I deliver highly-persuasive sales copy for marketers who need to get more sales, faster. From Shopify marketing funnels to corporate direct-response campaigns, my copy has generated many millions of dollars in sales. 

Powerful Persuasion

Do you want to get customers on demand and scale at will? If so, you’re in the right place. When you choose to work with me, you gain the confidence of partnering with a battle-tested copywriter who guarantees to:

  • Engage with the conversation going on in your prospects' heads
  • Identify their fears and frustrations, needs and desires
  • Write compelling, persuasive copy that advances the sale
  • Create sales funnels that convert prospects into buyers
  • Maximize conversions and lifetime customer value

...and so on. In my career, I have helped many marketeers sell a lot of products (and services).

A History of Success

The sooner you book your call, the sooner you start making more money

In my business, it’s only results that count - and I deliver. I have learned lessons the hard way through hundreds of real-life campaigns with blue-chip clients. 

I always bring a fresh response to even the most challenging campaigns. That’s why I have a long track record of working with enterprise clients such as:

  • Microsoft (European corporate communications)
  • IBM (direct response targeting SMEs) 
  • Citibank (new financial product marketing)  
  • BT (too many projects to mention) 
  • AT&T (hi-tech communications) 
  • Barclays Bank (video-based campaign)
  • Apple (direct-to-consumer marketing campaigns) 

I have partnered with many of the world's biggest advertising and direct marketing agencies, from M&C Saatchi to Grey Direct.

Results at Scale

I work directly with direct response marketers, delivering high-performance campaigns that  have scaled successfully on platforms such as:

  • ClickBank
  • MaxBounty
  • Shopify
  • Woo Commerce
  • ClickBooth

...and so on. In my career, I have helped many marketeers sell a lot of products (and services).

Ask me how my 'Skydiving' campaign took $523 million in sales

Let's Talk!

I have lots of successful campaigns under my belt, and great war stories to tell. For example, when we talk, you can ask me:

  • how my simple 'skydiving' story reeled in $523 million in sales (for Belron) 
  • why my Apple campaign was way TOO successful (the lawyers closed it down)
  • how I hit over a million dollars in sales in one day (ClickBank offer)

If you're ready to get more sales fast, book a 30-minute strategy call with me, and take the next step towards scaling your business:

Deploy Your 'Secret Weapon'

Success is just a good sales funnel away. And I can make it happen for you. One of my biggest clients (Belron) calls me their ‘secret weapon.’ That's because my campaigns have brought them outstanding results, including my 'skydiving' campaign that delivered $523 million in sales (over 9 years).  

Now you can deploy this secret weapon, too. I can deliver a high return on ad spend for all of marketing campaigns including:

  • Sales pages that outperform your control 
  • Ad copy that generates high CTR and engagement
  • Sales funnels that convert prospects into rabid buyers
  • Email sequences with high open rates and clicks 
  • Lead generation systems that fill your sales pipeline
  • Video sales letters that deliver results

...and a whole lot more. To get started, all you need to is book a 30-minute strategy call to talk things through. Then we can get started on transforming your business and your future.

Explode your sales and obliterate the competition

Go Nuclear Now

Remember, every second you delay means more money slipping through your fingers. Now is the time to 'go nuclear' and deploy a secret weapon that will explode your sales.

Your strategy call doesn’t cost a cent, yet it could change your business...and your life.

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